Four Hand ayurveda Massage

The Four-Hand Ayurveda-style massage (inspired in the Abhyanga) is performed by two licensed therapists trained in oriental-massage techniques in perfect synchronization with the aid of hot essential oils that enables an easier gliding of the hands all over the skin. The sensations are unique and so they are described: there is no resemblance with any other type of massage.

This is an Ayurveda-style massage  more than 2000 years old, also known as Diacqua Massage. It is performed with the aid of hot essential oils that facilitate the sliding of the hands on the skin, and helps to purify body and mind according to the Ayurveda principles, the traditional Hindu medicine.

Masajes orientales, masaje cuatro manos Ayurveda Abhyanga

Thai Massage

Masajes orientales, masaje cuatro manos con aceites

Ayurveda Abhyanga

Are you interested in this massage?

In Kamiraku you can either book a massage for you or as a couple but you can also gift or buy a massage to someone and later the gifted person can choose when to enjoy such a wonderful gift.

Four hand Massage – Ayurveda Abhyanga 60 minutes

Duration: 01:00

Price: 120 €

Four hand Massage – Ayurveda Abhyanga 90 minutes

Duration: 01:30

Price: 160 €

A delay of more than 15 minutes without prior notice automatically results in cancellation of the appointment.

A pause, a massage, a sensory experience… Live your Kamiraku moment!

Which improvements does your body experiment after a four-hand massage?

Four-Hand massage helps you to get rid of emotional blockages by regulating your central nervous system. It also exerts a deep lymphatic drainage that purifies your body by moving and removing the organic waste which blocks its energy. The outcome is an intense feeling of well-being and a renewed dynamism that will help you to deal with the challenges of daily life.

The Kamiraku’s therapists, specialized in oriental massages, heals all your body, stimulating four areas at the same time. This synchrony of ritualized motions, slidings and pressures combined with essential oils provides you with an experience that stimulates senses, relaxes your mind and opens it to new challenges, giving you a complete feeling of wellness.

Like the other massages coming from traditional Hindu medicine, the four hands Ayurveda massage helps you to purify not only your soul, but also your body more intensely, if at all possible. It is the perfect massage for renovating your energy, feeling more relieved and unblocking negative emotions hidden in your mind as well as removing toxins.

Masajes orientales, masaje cuatro manos con Ayurveda Abhyanga

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