Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi-Lomi massage balances, drains and relaxes body and mind through fluid movements and rhythmic pressures exerted by one of our therapists, specifically trained in oriental massage. She will perform them on your body with her forearms, elbows and the palms of her hands.

The peculiar way of performing this technique is one of the most popular features of this Hawaiian massage, which acts on different parts of your body at the same time so your brain will not be able to focus in just one of them and will have to disconnect, achieving full relaxation.

Masajes Orientales, masaje Lomi Lomi en Madrid

Lomi Lomi

Are you interested in this massage?

In Kamiraku you can either book a massage for you or as a couple but you can also gift or buy a massage to someone and later the gifted person can choose when to enjoy such a wonderful gift.

Lomi Lomi 30 minutes Single

Duration: 00:30

Price: 35 €

Lomi Lomi 60 minutes Single

Duration: 01:00

Price: 60 €

Lomi Lomi 90 minutes Single

Duration: 01:30

Price: 80 €

Lomi Lomi 60 minutes Couple

Duration: 01:00

Price: 115 €

Lomi Lomi 90 minutes Couple

Duration: 01:30

Price: 155 €

A delay of more than 15 minutes without prior notice automatically results in cancellation of the appointment.

A pause, a massage, a sensory experience… Live your Kamiraku moment!

Lomi-Lomi massage’s age-old origin as a therapy

Lomi-Lomi massage technique has now been in existence for more than 4.000 years. It is quite renowned all around the world but little is known about its holistic focus, which understands the body not as a sum of parts but as a global set that must strive for harmony.

This is the reason why Lomi-Lomi massage (which in ancient times was part of Huna culture’s healing rites, a culture original from the archipelago) is still being used by Hawaiian natives in the momentous occasions of their lives: birth, transition to adult life, marriage, pregnancy…

What to expect from a Lomi-Lomi massage sesion

The Lomi-Lomi massage works on the body’s muscles by making movements similar to those of two popular occidental-massage techniques, osteopathy and chiropractic, unblocking the joints. But in addition, this Hawaiian massage drains your body’s accumulated liquids and impurities, and acts on the energy lines in order to restore your emotional balance.

Enjoy a unique experience with a Lomi-Lomi massage in our oriental-massage center in Madrid.

The outcome is a unique experience that gets your mind off of concerns and provides you with a new global harmony.

Why perceptions are different in a Lomi-Lomi massage

The sensations you feel when receiving a Lomi-Lomi massage at Kamiraku are different from other oriental massages. The exotic origin of this technique (and of the wide movements performed by the therapists) makes some people describe it as a wave that slowly covers areas of your body, areas which get bigger in each movement. Lomi Lomi massage begins at your back and then moves to your arms, legs, cervical and cranial zones, creating wider and wider waves that transmit you a total lassitude and leave you in a fully relaxed condition.

In this massage the role of aromatherapy is crucial, as the essential oils used do not only facilitate the sliding movements but also act on the nervous system, leading the way to the different actions (relaxation, invigoration, stimulation, strengthening…) searched by the Kamiraku therapists after carrying out the initial diagnosis.

Live a Kamiraku moment of full release with this Hawaiian-massage technique which relaxes, purifies and balances your body.

And our wide massage tables, especially designed for out massage center in Madrid, will let you enjoy the Kamiraku experience to the fullest.

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Cnetro de masajes Orientales en Madrid, msaje lomi lomi

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