Massages for pregnant women

The massages for pregnant women are of great help for those who will soon be mothers. Oriental massage applied to pregnant women can relieve fatigue and stop the discomfort of future mothers.

In addition to improving blood circulation and deflating legs and ankles, helping to drain retained liquids, massage for pregnant women helps you feel better in all aspects.

For example, the typical pregnant position, which requires maintaining a different center of gravity in an upright position, causes many tensions and pain in the back, which massage can help to relieve.

Masaje Shiatsu con aceites

Massages for pregnant women

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In Kamiraku you can either book a massage for you or as a couple but you can also gift or buy a massage to someone and later the gifted person can choose when to enjoy such a wonderful gift.

A delay of more than 15 minutes without prior notice automatically results in cancellation of the appointment.

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In addition, massage therapy allows to remove cervical and back contractures, while relaxing the muscles of the legs and feet (for example, leg twins), more prone to suffer jerks during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is also a time of much hormonal revolution, since the body has to prepare for the changes that are going to happen during pregnancy. For many women, this involves many emotions, which massage can also help manage through relaxation.

Now, we are going to try to resolve here, in the form of questions and answers, the reasonable doubts that pregnant women who want to feel the benefits of oriental massage in their state could have…

Are massage for pregnant women advisable?

Many women are prejudiced when applying massages during pregnancy… There is no reason, with due precautions, that we will explain. In general terms, the massages for pregnant women, specifically designed for this stage, do not harm the baby. However, they are not recommended before 3 months, simply for the sake of extreme safety, since it is the period of pregnancy when there are more spontaneous abortions from the statistical point of view. The baby is forming and growing, and it is preferable to let it settle in your mother’s uterus before beginning a massage routine for pregnant women.

From that moment, massage for pregnant women not only have no danger (in normal pregnancies), but are recommended for its multiple benefits. It is also not advisable to hurry much in time, and therefore a reasonable measure is to stop giving them in the last weeks of gestation so as not to precipitate the birth. This is what we do in Kamiraku, where, as mothers too, we love following the evolution of pregnancy and sharing the experiences of future mothers, encouraging them and relieving their discomfort.

What areas does massage work for pregnant women?

In general, you can work any area, except the internal parts of the foot, very sensitive, and that can act reflexively on certain organs and body processes related to pregnancy. However, the intensity of the massage is smooth.

In what positions do massage for pregnant women apply?

Normally, they are applied sideways or face up, which are the positions in which women in a state of management tend to feel more comfortable. But if the mother does not have a lot of gut, you can also apply the massage for pregnant face down, if it is a position that feels comfortable. Do not worry about the stability of our stretchers, they are special design, much wider and comfortable than normal, and are more like Balinese beds than you may be used to…

Can massage oils hurt my baby?

There is much controversy about the way in which certain chemical substances can pass through the skin and into the bloodstream, ultimately harming the baby. There is talk, for example, about hair dyes…

The massage oil we use in Kamiraku is natural, non-synthetic almond oil, known for its emollient properties. If you are not allergic to this nut, this oil does not have to harm the baby, but if you prefer, the massage can also be done without any type of oil.

What oriental massages are applied in massages for pregnant women?

The techniques of oriental massage that we use in Kamiraku in the massages for pregnant women are the Thai massage and the shiatsu massage.

The Thai Oil massage, also known as Thai Oil, is a very complete smooth and relaxing massage, and one of the techniques of oriental massage that we use in Kamiraku for massage for pregnant women.

Shiatsu massage is a massage that is applied on comfortable cotton clothing, which consists of pressing certain points of the body (which correspond to those of acupuncture) to reestablish the energetic balance of the body, thus contributing to health and well-being.

If you are interested in our massages for pregnant women, you can book your appointment with us, from woman to woman. We are therapists qualified specialists in oriental massage techniques and we have a lot of experience in applying therapies in stages like yours today. In addition, we are in a quiet, pleasant center with an exclusive point on Ortega y Gasset street in Madrid. And wanting to meet you! Let’s talk.

Enjoy a more complete moment of calm combining some of our massages



90 · 120


  • Thai Traditional
  • Thai with Oils
  • Reflexology



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90 · 120


  • Ayurveda Abhyanga
  • Ayurveda Shirobhyangami



150 · 165


  • Thai or Shiatsu traditional
  • Thai or Pindas with Oils
  • Japanese massage
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(japanese facial)



  • Traditional Japanese facial





  • Six hand massage
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