Hogushi Massage

Hogushi back, neck and head decontracting massage is the ideal therapy to relieve the tension that accumulates in these specific areas of the body.

Developed in our center based on the usual points of pain and tension reported by our clients, Hogushi is a combination of specific oriental massage techniques that help relax those areas of the body that suffer the most from work fatigue, working on the computer and accumulated stress.

It is a pleasant massage with a mild to medium intensity, which is suitable for everyone, especially for those who need to make a continuous effort to stay concentrated in demanding jobs, with high intellectual and emotional demands.

Hogushi is the perfect massage to combat tension after a day of high intellectual and emotional demands

Are you interested in this massage?

In Kamiraku you can either book a massage for you or as a couple but you can also gift or buy a massage to someone and later the gifted person can choose when to enjoy such a wonderful gift.

A delay of more than 15 minutes without prior notice automatically results in cancellation of the appointment.

A pause, a massage, a sensory experience… Live your Kamiraku moment!

Applied in a relaxed environment such as Kamiraku, our Hogushi massage, which in Japanese means “to loosen” the body, achieves maximum benefit on the body by helping to relieve headaches and relax contractures and muscle stiffness in those areas that most often suffer from blockages.

The tension in the back, the nape of the neck and the shoulders, in particular, are the ones that our clients suffer from the most.

Along with the head, another area sensitive to this problem, they form the map on which Kamiraku’s therapists practice Hogushi to unblock and release the retained energy.

As you probably know, it is the energy blockages in specific areas in our body that, according to traditional oriental medicine, cause discomfort and imbalances in our health that we can combat through massage.

What does Hogushi massage consist of?

First, lying face down, you will perceive in the different energy channels of the areas to be treated a combination of kneading, pressure, rubbing, tapping, shaking lightly and stretching, all of which are techniques typical of oriental massage.

In the relaxed atmosphere of our exclusive massage rooms, and lying on one of our comfortable massage tables specifically designed for oriental massages, you will feel how the therapist determines which areas on your back and neck are affected in order to soothe them.

Afterwards, lying on your back, the sensation of wellness is prolonged with a gentle and soothing head massage.

Do not worry about coming out of a decontracting Hogushi massage session sore and in pain, since these manipulations, in addition to relieving tension, also make you feel more agile and liberated. Our Hogushi massage not only mitigates the discomfort, but acts globally to achieve a body-mind rebalancing that allows you to return to your daily activities with extra energy.

Do you prefer getting only a head massage during the 45-minute session? Don’t hesitate to ask for it. We will be happy to accommodate your request.

One Hogushi session might be enough for you. However, if you do decide to continue your oriental massage therapy, we recommend you to try the Thai massage with stretching, which always surprises clients with its technique and with the results that its application brings.

If you wish to ask us which is the best oriental massage for you, you can call us, write to us or, if you prefer, come to our massage center in Madrid. We will invite you to have tea while we clear your doubts. Arigato. ??

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