Shiatsu massage with oils

Shiatsu massage with oils produces a pleasant sensation of disconnection thanks to the combination of pressure with the thumbs, characteristic of the traditional shiatsu, with the manoeuvres of massages with oils that run through your body.

As the rest of oriental massages, the result is an incomparable mental relaxation, a softer and more hydrated skin, and the relief of muscle tension and contractures caused by the stress of everyday life.

Traditional Shiatsu

Shiatsu with essential oils

A delay of more than 15 minutes without prior notice automatically results in cancellation of the appointment.

A pause, a massage, a sensory experience… Live your Kamiraku moment!

How does the shiatsu massage work?

Shiatsu massage is a technique of Japan origin based on the pressure of a series of points of the body.

These points aren’t randomly chosen by the therapist, but they are strategically located in the meridians of our organism defined by Traditional Chinese Medicine, on which the rest of the oriental medicines are based.

These channels of vital energy traverse our bodies longitudinally, and through them flows the vital energy. When this energy is blocked, is when imbalances occur in the body.

Shiatsu frees the flow of clogged energy, restoring harmony in body and mind. This is why it is said that oriental massages provide health and contributes to self-healing for the body.

From our experience as oriental massages therapists we know that shiatsu massage with oils works on many ways: it helps people with sleep problems to reconcile it better, people who suffer stress to relax, and people with problems with muscle contractures and migrains to relieve their pains.

Recommended regularity of the massages

The advised regularity of the shiatsu massage with oils to treat sleep problems, migraines and muscle tension is once a week the first sessions, then move to a therapy every two weeks. Finally, it can be performed once a month and combined, if desired, with other oriental massages.

As it happens with the rest of oriental massages, it is also possible to receive a shiatsu massage with oils just for the pleasure of relaxing, or to enjoy it as a couple in our special rooms with two stretchers.

How is the experience of a shiatsu massage with oils?

The experience of a shiatsu massage with oils is soft and relaxing, less intense that the traditional shiatsu massage. While the traditional one is performed with loose and comfortable cotton clothes, the shiatsu massage with oils is applied directly on the skin, and combines the pressures with the thumbs, typical of the digitopuncture, with the usual massage with the palms of the hands.

We recommend it for all types o people precisely because of its intensity, which can be graduated to a sweet and pleasant rhythm, like a caress on the body.

We advise to go to our massage centre in Madrid, Kamiraku, without having previously applied creams so that the absorption of the oils of the shiatsu massage is total.

Feel like living the Kamiraku experience with a sensory shiatsu massage with oil…? Call us. The availability for this massage is limited, and we have specific days and times when we can apply this delicious and relaxing massage.

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